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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA


since 1947

History1947-2024, over seventy years of history

A history of continuous investment in research, technological innovations and human resources has led SPERONI S.p.A. to become today a benchmark company in the production of electric pumps. SPERONI S.p.A., whose history of constant expansion in the electric pump sector began in 1947 in Castelnovo di Sotto, was created and initially directed by its founder GIUSEPPE SPERONI. At a time when the economy was predominantly rural, he realised the importance of mechanical applications at the service of the agricultural world, and by putting his entrepreneurial skills to good use, he took full advantage of the great opportunities for post-war growth. Continuous investment in personnel and equipment quickly propelled the company into a booming market, which by the 1970s was transcending national borders;

Research and Design

SPERONI S.p.A. products are the result of careful design and stringent technical testing;
The test room subjects each prototype to an extensive series of tests to verify the validity of the innovative solutions devised during design; Endurance tests over hundreds of hours of continuous operation under extreme conditions provide valuable insights into the final version of the prototype that will move on to the next stage of industrialisation;

Production of electric pumps and motors

Innovation and technology are the constants of our production;
If the modernisation of recent years has decisively affected the design and testing centres, the innovations introduced in the production departments are no less qualified; This has resulted in a fast and flexible way of working, which makes SPERONI an extremely flexible company that is able to meet the large volumes of demand typical of the worldwide ‘large retail’ market, this of course without losing product quality;

Quality Control

Just as renewal is SPERONI’s goal, quality is the ongoing commitment that governs its activities at every level;

The methodical and constant control and verification of every phase of the company’s life, from the acquisition of raw materials to the final product, is the essential prerequisite for quality; Sophisticated dimensional, electrical, hydraulic and safety control equipment was introduced;

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